I have been Carla’s client for the last 8 years and I believe many more to come…She always gave a detailed explanation of what each stage would entail and was on top of us by requesting paperwork and information, staying on schedule and making sure we have everything needed for all my cases. I really love Carla for her honesty and sharpness.

Karina T.


Attorney Carla Romero Senh’s proficiency in handling a family member’s immigration case was exceptional! As a sponsor for my cousin’s Application for Adjustment of Status to Permanent Resident, I was amazed that her practice endorses and maintains client confidentiality and privacy with the use of a secured site to submit documents for a case and her relentless determination to accurately complete and submit the application package on time. I truly understand and admire the amount of hard work she took to provide an excellent service. I highly recommend Attorney Carla Romero Senh’ services.



Senh Law [Associates] is by far the best law firm I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Personable, affordable, and dependable. My situation took a drastic change for the better after hiring them and therefore they come highly recommended. Thank you for everything from myself and my family! You’re the best!